Author: Mike Williamson
Size: 8 1/2 x 11, 176 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9794715-1-3

Learn what covenant means, and that God is a covenant-making, covenant-keeping God, and that marriage is a covenant of God. 

160 pages of relationship-building content

Couples preparing for marriage with our premarital book will:

Genesis224 is the marriage and premarriage ministry of Mike & Jewel Williamson
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Start marriage right by using the most comprehensive, in-depth premarital prepartation workbook you will find.
Prepare for marriage with
Building Your Marriage Upon the Rock

If you're a counselor, pastors, or premarital couple you want a trustworthy resource to guide you or your couples through the steps of preparing for marriage.

Building your Marriage Upon the Rock provides a solidily biblcal in-depth approach to preparing for marriage. Couples often say that they discovered more about themselves and each other from using our book than from their entire time of engagement.

Learn that marrige is not primarily about their happieness and fulfillment but rather about God's purpose, His glory, and the increase of His kingdom.

Enter into a lifelong marriage covenant by building their marriage upon faith in Jesus Christ and by guiding them in exploring topics such as their view of God, their submission to God, the authority of the Bible, and their state of spiritual growth.


Discover more about each other's personal life. Among many other topics, the book covers childhood-family relationships, past experiences, previous relationships, compatibility, male and female differences, expectations, and communication. 

Have enlightening dialog about character and personality traits, habits, beliefs, and past relationships. The book gives a heads-up on issues that potentially could be problems down the road.